Frequently Asked Questions


Where Do I access my course?

Please navigate to the Dashboard page of your student portal and select “Courses”. You will find all of the course content under the Materials tab on the course page. If you get stuck, watch the video on the course page.

How to I access the exam?

Please navigate to the Dashboard page of your student portal and select “Certification”

How can I access my certificate?

Please navigate to the My Account page. You will notice an option to view your certification. From there, you can download your certification as a pdf.

What do i need to open the files ?

You may need to use Microsoft Word to open some of the .DOC and .DOT files. However you can also use Google Docs which is free.

Where do I apply for jobs?

Please navigate over to our Jobs Board and start applying for jobs once you have your certification.

How do i reset my password?

Please go to the login page and then select “I forgot my password” and follow the steps. Please check your spam folder for the email for the password reset.